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Churro Borough is a purveyor of small batch, handmade ice cream, churros and desserts located in the heart of Los Feliz.



We believe in quality over quantity. This is why all of our products are made fresh daily, in small batches. We handcraft everything in-house from the finest local ingredients we can find. If we're out of an item today, don't worry; we will have a fresh batch tomorrow!



We are honored to have our first Churro Borough location take shape in a unique community like Los Feliz. Once we acquired the space, we decided that we wanted to find a way to contribute to the neighborhood, so we commissioned LA-based artist Hueman to paint a public mural on the facade of our building.





1726 N. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 662-0341



Monday Closed
Tuesday 12–11 pm
Wednesday 12–11 pm
Thursday 12–11 pm
Friday 12–11 pm
Saturday 12–11 pm
Sunday 12–11 pm




Churro Borough began as a Los Angeles-based dessert company, making its mark by tagging the streets with its handcrafted churro ice cream sandwiches at events and pop-ups across the City of Angels.



Sylvia Yoo launched Churro Borough as a guerilla catering operation in the fall of 2011, serving churro ice cream sandwiches at pop-ups across her hometown of Los Angeles. The dessert mash-up was inspired by childhood memories of churros at an amusement park and a lifelong love of ice cream.

During a stint on the east coast, living in New York and attending ICC (International Culinary Institute), her passion for pastry arts grew – especially where ice cream was involved. Working for famed pastry chefs in New York, she found her love for making ice cream, which she considered the highlight of any plated dessert.

Churro Borough began as a side project; Sylvia returned to LA, was working as an interior architect, and needed an outlet for her passion for food. Churro Borough was not just about ice cream and pastries – it was an emotional connection to her past, and to the people of LA.

This side project made waves in the foodie world, and Sylvia started popping up at food festivals, weddings and corporate events. By 2014, it was decision time: continue her day job or give up the corporate life and see where the churro ice cream sandwich craze would take her? (Clearly we know the decision.)

Today, Churro Borough is no longer just about the churro ice cream sandwich – though you’ll find it at the shop, of course. Sylvia has gone back to her roots and her passion for ice cream, which is the foundation of the store – along with  paletas, churro fries, milkshakes and an assortment of daily pastries.



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(323) 662-0341



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